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About Us

Crown Equestrian Vaulters was established in 2022 by coach Sydney Kolomiyets in a partnership with Royal Ridges Retreat in Yacolt, WA. Our RECREATIONAL PROGRAM, called Royal Vaulters, is run directly through ROYAL RIDGES RETREAT and information about registration and "no experience needed" VAULTING CAMPS can be found through their website. Our Competitive team, Crown Equestrian Vaulters, officially launched in May 2022 and offers twice weekly practices to vaulters and families who are interested in taking their training to the next level. Becoming a member of our competitive program is a yearly commitment and entry into the program is on a case by case basis and may also be impacted by class availability. If you have never vaulted before, it is recommended that you try out the recreational program first to make sure the sport is a good fit. There may also be additional options to dip your toe into the competition program (Pre-Team, Private Lessons), see CLASS OFFERINGS page for more information and availability. If you would like more information on joining the competition team or if you are a vaulter moving from another club, please contact coach Sydney, to answer any additional questions, by emailing or by sending a message to the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of this page. See below for basic descriptions of the differences between our Recreational, Competition, and "Pre-Team" programs.



These once weekly classes are 2 hours long and include an exercise warmup routine, time spent on the practice barrel, and multiple "rounds" on the horse (expect 2-3 turns per vaulter depending on class size and length of turns). The last half an hour of class will be spent caring for the horse, cleaning up the vaulting area and doing any needed horse chores followed by a bible study. The focus of these classes is on having fun and experiencing vaulting for the first time while learning basic movements. There will be elements of exercising and challenging the vaulters in class but improving physical ability is not necessarily the goal. This class should be seen as a fun weekly activity that teaches confidence and general body control.

Standard Fee per Class: $40



Classes are 2.5 hours long with 2 hours of dedicated coaching. The first half an hour of class will be spent setting up the vaulting area and doing a warmup with the rest of the team which may or may not be led by coach Sydney (depends on the focus of the day). Vaulters are expected to be ready to go on the practice barrel or to do additional coached conditioning work on the ground exactly 30 minutes after the start of practice. The structure of each class may differ depending on the focus of the day but will generally include both horse and barrel time. Vaulters should be working on self led strength conditioning when not being coached (exercises will be provided by the coach so vaulters always know what is expected of them). Vaulters should help with cleanup and horse care when practice is over. Prices are set based on 8 monthly practices (4 compulsory focused, 4 freestyle focused). The focus of these classes is on preparation for competition which includes; improving physical ability, strength training, flexibility training, building routines, confidence building and teamwork. 

Standard Monthly Fee: $300 with annual commitment

            PRE - TEAM


This is an "add on" option meant for vaulters currently enrolled in the recreational program but may be offered to unaffiliated vaulters (vaulters from other teams/moving from out of state, or individuals who feel that the competition program may be better suited to their goals) on a case by case basis as an option to "try out" the competition team before making the official commitment to join. These are not separate classes but instead allow the vaulter to join in on a regular competition practice once per week as long as these classes aren't full. Instead of being a reoccurring monthly class, any vaulter would only be committed to a single month and would need to re-enroll as space allowed for the following month. As spaces fill up in the competition program, the option of being a "pre-team member" will be limited. The current class times that would be available to join as a "pre-team member" would be Tuesday's from 5:30pm-8pm or Wednesdays from 1pm-3:30pm. Please contact coach Sydney for more up to date space availability.

Standard Monthly Fee: $200 (in addition to recreational team fee when applicable)

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