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Our Competitive Vaulting Program

This program will be launching in May 2022 and will be dedicated to young athletes aiming to improve their athletic ability and reach their goals in vaulting competition. This is a closed program open only to participants after an observation period within the recreational program or via a private lesson and interview if transferring from another club. Acceptance is based less on ability and more on suitability, attitude, and commitment level. A waitlist will be formed once this program reaches capacity.

Our Recreational Vaulting Program

While "Crown Equestrian Vaulters" is our private competitive program, we also partner with Royal Ridges Retreat to offer a once weekly recreational horse practice for students who are new to the sport of vaulting or who aren't yet sure if they are ready for the commitment of a competitive program. To register, apply for the waitlist, or learn more, please visit the Royal Ridges website.

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