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What Is Vaulting?

Equestrian Vaulting is essentially gymnastics/dance performed on horseback at either the walk, trot or canter with the horse being led by a leadline and lunger. Vaulting is one of the seven equestrian disciplines recognized by the USEF and is included in the World Equestrian Games. It is an internationally recognized sport with growing popularity; especially in Europe and America. While many people assume vaulting is dangerous due to the impressive abilities of the competitors, it is statistically the safest equestrian sport due to the fact that a trained lunger is always in control of the horse. Vaulters are also extensively trained on safe dismounts and how to properly fall starting from day one. The sport is one of the most inexpensive and accessible within the competitive equestrian world because individuals don't need their own horse to participate. Horses are trained and shared by the team and its members. Vaulting can be performed as an individual routine or as a team event with up to three riders on the horse at a time. The most notable benefits that vaulting teaches are teamwork, body control and awareness, harmony with a horse, and confidence. Not to mention, it's a ton of fun and pretty cool to watch. 


Wanna see something cool?

Check out this video from 2022 World Championships showing the French Team perform their freestyle and become the current World Champions.

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